Aggression is the most serious behavioral issue in dogs. It is also the number one reason pet owners reach out for professional help. In order to ensure the safety of you and your dog, all aggressive cases MUST be done in our care. Sarasota Dog Wizard is one of few local trainers who specialize in aggressive dog rehabilitation. While we recognize not every dog can be rehabilitated, we take on extreme cases and our training methods have proven to be successful. These are typically three-week programs, however this may vary with the level of your dog’s aggression.

At Sarasota Dog Wizard, our Aggressive Rehab dog training program:

  • Provides hands-on intensive training while providing constant supervision
  • Offers monitored socialization with other dogs
  • Focuses on building your dog’s confidence
  • Discovers and recognizes your dog’s individual aggression triggers and tailors the program to address them
  • Refreshes social skills
  • Teaches the obedience commands heel, come, sit, down, and place
  • Teaches and proofs all commands in low distractions and high distraction areas including parks and shopping centers
  • Teaches you, the owner, to take over the commands when your dog gets home
  • Includes six months of follow-up lessons and group classes for the life of the dog

Aggression is typically prefaced with warning signs that often go unnoticed but can lead to an attack. Some signs to look for in your dog’s behavior include becoming very still and rigid, barking, growling or lunging at people or other animals, or biting even if it doesn’t leave marks.

When ignored or overlooked, aggression can quickly worsen. The safest and most effective way to treat an aggression problem is to implement behavior modification under the guidance of a qualified professional dog trainer.

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