1. Why Not to Get Someone a Puppy for Christmas

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! We’re busy crossing items off of our shopping lists as we anxiously await Christmas morning with our family and friends. One thing we definitely won’t be getting for our loved ones this year is a puppy. While that may shock you at first, hear us out! As cute as it might be to surprise someone you love with a furry friend for Christmas, it’s important to rememb…Read More

  2. Knowing When To Let Go

    One of the hardest things we deal with as dog owners is knowing when it’s time to let go. Whether facing old age or illness, accepting the impending loss of our best friends can be hard to swallow especially when confronted with having to make the decision to have your dog humanely euthanized. How do we know if it’s time? How do we separate our needs from theirs? Having the power to choose lif…Read More

  3. Thanks-giving: Dog Edition

    Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you enjoy your time with family and friends ... and your dogs! One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions at Sarasota Dog Wizard is to spend some time reflecting on the things we are most thankful for in our lives. Being surrounded by our favorite furry friends every day makes that pretty easy. Here are the top 10 things we’re thankful for (dog-edition)! 1. Afte…Read More

  4. Halloween Pet Safety

    Halloween is here! The spooky decorations, haunted houses, and trick-or-treaters in creepy costumes are all of the things we love about this fun holiday. These festivities, however, can make Halloween a stressful night for your dog if you’re not prepared. The changes in sights and sounds can disturb your dog’s sense of security, as they tend to thrive on routine. The commotion of the night can…Read More

  5. Boarding Options: Who Watches Your Dog While You’re Away

    There is so much to think about when planning a trip out of town. On top of coordinating your own travel arrangements, if you have pets you’ll need to consider a care plan for them while you’re away. It is not always possible for a family member or friend to look after your pet, so a professional in-home sitter or boarding facility can be great options. Our team at Sarasota Dog Wizard provides…Read More

  6. Creating A Disaster Plan For Your Pets

    As Hurricane Matthew came barreling toward Florida a couple weeks ago, Sarasota Dog Wizard staff couldn’t help but worry about all the dogs – and other animals – on the east coast that were likely to lose homes or be effected by the monster storm. Many pet owners wait until the last minute to think about disaster plans and how to ensure not just their own safety but also the safety of their …Read More

  7. The Important of Grooming

    Sarasota Dog Wizard has worked with many dog owners to address issues related to grooming. It can be challenging to make a dog cooperate at the groomer if they’ve not been properly exposed. Nail clipping and ear trimming are two routine grooming tasks that can be especially stressful. It is helpful to introduce the process and tools used early on and begin grooming as a puppy. We always incorpo…Read More

  8. To Crate Train Or Not To Crate Train

    One of the most common questions we get asked is whether or not to crate train a dog. There are many opinions about this method of training and we love to educate our clients on the benefits of proper crate training, as it can be an extremely impactful way to introduce boundaries and instill obedience when done correctly. Opponents may argue that crate training is sad, or that dogs don’t like t…Read More

  9. Should I Bother With Pet Insurance?

    Dogs become family members, so it’s no surprise that pet owners want to do anything necessary to make sure their beloved furry friend is well cared for. When acquiring a new pet, many people don't consider the financial risk or expense that they may incur. In addition to food, grooming, training and routine vet visits, if your beloved dog gets sick, the costs can quickly add up. As dog-enthusias…Read More

  10. Do You Really Need A Dog Trainer?

    Training a dog is essential to a quality life and happy bond between owner and pet. Attempting to train your own pet is an option, sure, but it can be a lengthy, arduous feat. There is a necessary commitment of time, patience, and consistency that most pet owners struggle to balance. Even if you have read every dog-training manual, magazine article and web site, it isn’t that easy. Dogs’ abili…Read More