1. Choosing the Right Veterinarian

    Our dogs are our best friends. When considering options for their veterinary care, the decision should be weighed heavily. There are many veterinary clinics available in most areas and you should to be sure you choose a doctor for your dog that you can trust and count on. After all, you're putting your dog’s health and well being in their hands! The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is…Read More

  2. Choosing a Diet for Your Dog

    It is undeniable that a dog becomes one of the most important companions in our life. For that reason, it is no surprise when loving pet owners reach out to Sarasota Dog Wizard for our advice on the best food to feed their dog. Choosing a healthy food is not as easy as it sounds given the abundance of choices that exist on the dog food market. With the added option of a raw food regimen, the world…Read More

  3. Beat The Heat

    The Florida sun is always shining, but you can feel the heat rising as we head into the summer months. Before you make plans to head outdoors with your family, consider if it is a smart and safe decision for your furry friend to tag along. Dogs do not handle heat the same way that humans do. Even if you feel comfortable at a certain temperature, your dog may be on the verge of overheating. Because…Read More

  4. Knowing When To Let Go

    One of the hardest things we deal with as dog owners is knowing when it’s time to let go. Whether facing old age or illness, accepting the impending loss of our best friends can be hard to swallow especially when confronted with having to make the decision to have your dog humanely euthanized. How do we know if it’s time? How do we separate our needs from theirs? Having the power to choose lif…Read More

  5. The Important of Grooming

    Sarasota Dog Wizard has worked with many dog owners to address issues related to grooming. It can be challenging to make a dog cooperate at the groomer if they’ve not been properly exposed. Nail clipping and ear trimming are two routine grooming tasks that can be especially stressful. It is helpful to introduce the process and tools used early on and begin grooming as a puppy. We always incorpo…Read More

  6. Should I Bother With Pet Insurance?

    Dogs become family members, so it’s no surprise that pet owners want to do anything necessary to make sure their beloved furry friend is well cared for. When acquiring a new pet, many people don't consider the financial risk or expense that they may incur. In addition to food, grooming, training and routine vet visits, if your beloved dog gets sick, the costs can quickly add up. As dog-enthusias…Read More