1. Choosing a Diet for Your Dog

    It is undeniable that a dog becomes one of the most important companions in our life. For that reason, it is no surprise when loving pet owners reach out to Sarasota Dog Wizard for our advice on the best food to feed their dog. Choosing a healthy food is not as easy as it sounds given the abundance of choices that exist on the dog food market. With the added option of a raw food regimen, the world…Read More

  2. Easy Homemade Dog Treats

    Yesterday, one of the staff members of Sarasota Dog Wizard decided to try making homemade dog treats. As dog owners ourselves, we’re always looking at ways to improve the life and health of our dogs and what we feed them is a huge component. It’s frustrating and confusing when you go to the pet store and realize you can’t even pronounce half the ingredients in some of what they sell. So afte…Read More

  3. Can My Dog Eat That?

    At Sarasota Dog Wizard we suggest you stay away from giving your dog people food. Especially when you’re still sitting at the table. Rewarding a dog for begging is never a good idea. But when you’re clearing your dishes and they stare up at you with that cute little doggie grin is it really so bad to toss them a treat or two off your plate? I suppose we should admit we do it with our personal …Read More

  4. What You Need To Know About Dogs & Chocolate

    The holiday for love is rapidly approaching! Retail stores shelves are lined with fluffy stuffed animals and mounds of chocolate to celebrate with. Unfortunately, this holiday for love could turn out to be a seriously dangerous time for your beloved canine. With Sarasota dog training you can put your mind at ease that your dog will have the tools to stay out of food that could be fatal. Chocolate …Read More