1. The Cost of Not Training Your Puppy

    If you recently got, or are planning to get, a new puppy you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the things you need. A new leash, collar, bed, toys, treats, vet visits ... the list goes on. Having a puppy can be a large financial investment and it's no wonder so many new puppy owners think putting training on hold is an option. But fact is, NOT training your new puppy can cost you a lot more -…Read More

  2. The Importance of Object Socialization

    Behavioral issues in dogs can range from quirky things, like a pup that incessantly barks at the hair dryer – to more serious behavioral concerns, such as a dog that reacts aggressively when their owner picks up a broom. While the specific cases can seem very different, they are actually surprisingly similar: they are the result of poor object socialization during puppyhood. Our clients reach ou…Read More

  3. How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on Leash

    Getting a dog to stop pulling on their leash is one of the most common reasons that dog owners reach out to Sarasota Dog Wizard for help. You see it more often than not: dogs are walking their owners, rather than the owners walking their dogs. Going for a walk is not enjoyable when it feels like your dog is pulling you faster than you can walk. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Any dog can…Read More

  4. Why Dogs Chew Everything

    Have you ever wondered why your dog chews everything ... including things they aren’t supposed to? For dogs, chewing relieves anxiety, aids in managing stress, and provides a source of mental and physical stimulation. Some dogs have a stronger need to chew than others and will do what it takes to satisfy that need, including gnawing on your favorite pair of shoes. Puppies have a tendency to chew…Read More

  5. Why to Avoid Pee Pads & Other House Breaking Tips

    Puppies are sweet and adorable, but there is no doubt that bringing a new furry friend into your house comes with a lot of work. Housebreaking a new puppy can be one of the most challenging aspects of dog ownership. Potty pads (or pee pads) are marketed as a one-and-done solution for housebreaking a dog. They are a quick way to encourage your dog to do his business. Many potty pads on the market h…Read More

  6. Why Not to Get Someone a Puppy for Christmas

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! We’re busy crossing items off of our shopping lists as we anxiously await Christmas morning with our family and friends. One thing we definitely won’t be getting for our loved ones this year is a puppy. While that may shock you at first, hear us out! As cute as it might be to surprise someone you love with a furry friend for Christmas, it’s important to rememb…Read More

  7. The Important of Grooming

    Sarasota Dog Wizard has worked with many dog owners to address issues related to grooming. It can be challenging to make a dog cooperate at the groomer if they’ve not been properly exposed. Nail clipping and ear trimming are two routine grooming tasks that can be especially stressful. It is helpful to introduce the process and tools used early on and begin grooming as a puppy. We always incorpo…Read More

  8. Do You Really Need A Dog Trainer?

    Training a dog is essential to a quality life and happy bond between owner and pet. Attempting to train your own pet is an option, sure, but it can be a lengthy, arduous feat. There is a necessary commitment of time, patience, and consistency that most pet owners struggle to balance. Even if you have read every dog-training manual, magazine article and web site, it isn’t that easy. Dogs’ abili…Read More

  9. The Hidden Dangers of Retractable Leashes

    Walk into any pet store and there are an almost overwhelming number of leash options for your dog. There are standard leashes, slip collar leashes, Martingale leashes and more. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the different materials, colors and prices! Though most have their pluses and minuses, at Sarasota Dog Wizard we strongly recommend that you avoid retractable leashes. Here are the top…Read More

  10. The Importance of Puppy Training

    A good parent would not wait until later in life to begin teaching their child right from wrong. There would obviously be negative effects on the child’s behavior and development that could be difficult to correct later in life. Sarasota Dog Wizard urges that the same holds true for dogs. Puppy training is critical for a happy, healthy pet and successful lifelong partnership between human and do…Read More