1. How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Independence Day

    We posted this last year but it's important that we post it again. Fourth of July and other activity filled, "loud" holidays are some of the highest intake days at pet shelters around the country. We want to help ensure your dog doesn't become a statistic this year. Happy 4th of July! To many Americans, celebrating Independence Day means family, fun and fireworks. But for many dogs it’s one of …Read More

  2. How to Tell if Your Dog is Stressed

    It is important to understand how your dog is feeling. Dogs communicate their emotions through behavior and body language. By recognizing signs of stress in their early stages, you can take control of the situation to ensure their behavior does not escalate to one that is potentially dangerous. Dogs react to fearful situations with fight or flight. Your response to their behavior can have long-ter…Read More

  3. How To Help Your Anxious Dog During 4th Of July Fireworks

    Happy 4th of July! To many Americans, celebrating Independence Day means family, fun and fireworks. But for many dogs it’s one of the most stressful days of the year. While some are simply frightened by the noise of the holiday, others get anxiety from the flashing lights, crowds and general commotion.  In response to the fear they’re experiencing, dogs respond with a fight or flight reaction…Read More

  4. Is Your Dog’s Aggression Keeping You Prisoner?

    The most common condition in dogs that doesn’t fall in a medical category is aggression towards people or other dogs. There are several different levels of aggressiveness and assertiveness among dogs. The good news is that with Sarasota dog training we can free you and your four-legged friend from the prison of aggression. There are a number of types of aggression with dominant and territorial a…Read More

  5. New Year’s Eve Dog Anxiety

    It’s almost time to ring in the New Year; though not all dogs are as excited about the festivities as humans are. While gearing up for a day of celebratory fireworks, music and camaraderie, there’s another thing dog owners should consider: nearly 20% of all dogs have anxiety-based reactions to loud, startling noises and fireworks. Anxiety manifests itself in numerous ways. Ordinarily calm dogs…Read More

  6. Quirky Canine Demands Sarasota Dog Wizard

    As dog trainers, we here at Sarasota Dog Wizard hear a variety of um ... "interesting" reasons pet owners are seeking our professional dog training advice: “My dog only eats her food when I feed her the first three kibbles by hand.” “Our dog doesn’t like loud noises. We had to move because of all the construction in our old neighborhood.” “He refuses to go to the bathroom outside if …Read More