During our Home Front program, your dog will live with one of our highly skilled trainers for 14 days in order for us to provide intensive, hands-on, individual training. This allows us to maintain a consistent, structured environment and work with your dog multiple times every day.

Our Home Front training program:

  • Provides instruction in a home environment while allowing for constant supervision and thorough training
  • Teaches the obedience commands heel, come, sit, down, and place
  • Offers socialization and playtime with other dogs
  • Reaches full off-leash reliability with your dog
  • Teaches and proofs all commands in low distractions and high distraction areas including parks and shopping centers
  • Teaches you, the owner, to take over the commands when your dog gets home
  • Includes six months of follow-up lessons and group classes for the life of the dog

During any of our board & train programs, you, the owner, will be actively involved in the training plan. Scheduled appointments will provide you the opportunity to participate and gain familiarity with the training tools and methods before your dog returns home.

We understand how hard it can be to part with your pup. During any of our home-based programs, photos and videos of your dog will be regularly posted on our Facebook page demonstrating their progress. Additionally, we will schedule phone calls to update you directly. And of course, you can reach out to your trainer at anytime with questions.

Not sure which program is right for your dog? Schedule your free evaluation today!