If you recently got, or are planning to get, a new puppy you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the things you need. A new leash, collar, bed, toys, treats, vet visits … the list goes on. Having a puppy can be a large financial investment and it’s no wonder so many new puppy owners think putting training on hold is an option. But fact is, NOT training your new puppy can cost you a lot more — in time, patience and money.

Maybe it’s your favorite pair of shoes, or even worse, your entire couch (yup this happened to someone we know) … everything within reach is fair game when it comes to puppy teeth. Learning how to teach your puppy what’s ok to chew on and what’s not is one of the most important things you’ll want to know as a new dog owner.

House Breaking
This one is pretty self explanatory. Ever tried to get the smell of puppy urine out of carpet? Though there are some great products on the market that break up enzymes and help, puppy pee is brutal on your flooring.

The first six months of a puppy’s life are the most imperative time to introduce them to new sights, sounds and smells. At Sarasota Dog Wizard, socialization in our puppy training programs includes other puppies, other humans and objects. Not providing your puppy as many new experiences as possible can easily lead to confidence issues and other behavioral problems that will be harder, and more expensive, to undo when they are older.

Puppies are a huge commitment. Providing them a solid foundation of obedience, socialization and structure when they are still young will save you frustration and money down they line. With unlimited puppy class up to the age of six months, not enrolling in Sarasota Dog Wizard’s puppy class is a decision you can’t afford to make!