Separation anxiety is an issue that will rarely solve itself. As pack animals by nature, when a member of the pack goes “missing” a dog feels extreme anxiety. In order to cope with this anxiety, a dog often turns to destructive behavior or high-stress habits. Separation Anxiety Programs are done in our care. These are typically three-week programs however this may vary with the level of your dog’s anxiety.

Our Separation Anxiety training program:

  • Provides hands-on intensive training while providing constant supervision
  • Offers monitored socialization with other dogs
  • Focuses on building your dog’s confidence
  • Refreshes social skills
  • Teaches the obedience commands heel, come, sit, down, and place
  • Teaches and proofs all commands in low distractions and high distraction areas including parks and shopping centers
  • Teaches you, the owner, to take over the commands when your dog gets home
  • Includes six months of follow-up lessons and group classes for the life of the dog

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