1. Choosing the Right Veterinarian

    Our dogs are our best friends. When considering options for their veterinary care, the decision should be weighed heavily. There are many veterinary clinics available in most areas and you should to be sure you choose a doctor for your dog that you can trust and count on. After all, you're putting your dog’s health and well being in their hands! The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is…Read More

  2. Knowing When To Let Go

    One of the hardest things we deal with as dog owners is knowing when it’s time to let go. Whether facing old age or illness, accepting the impending loss of our best friends can be hard to swallow especially when confronted with having to make the decision to have your dog humanely euthanized. How do we know if it’s time? How do we separate our needs from theirs? Having the power to choose lif…Read More