1. How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on Leash

    Getting a dog to stop pulling on their leash is one of the most common reasons that dog owners reach out to Sarasota Dog Wizard for help. You see it more often than not: dogs are walking their owners, rather than the owners walking their dogs. Going for a walk is not enjoyable when it feels like your dog is pulling you faster than you can walk. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! Any dog can…Read More

  2. How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping

    A common problem we hear at Sarasota Dog Wizard is owners that are fed up with their dog jumping up on people. It can make their houseguests feel uncomfortable or even frightened. The owner does not understand why the dog continues to jump on people, even when they’re told “down” or “stop” ­ – time and time again. Think of it like this: The most exciting part of a dog’s day is when …Read More

  3. Dealing with a ball (or other item) obsessed dog

    While most dogs can enjoy a specific toy during playtime, other dogs develop an unhealthy obsession with an object that needs to be addressed. Encountering a dog that shows signs of obsessive behavior is quite a common occurrence. Does your dog simply love playing with their toy, or have they actually developed an obsession?  A well-balanced dog will play with other objects and can easily be pull…Read More

  4. Why Dogs Chew Everything

    Have you ever wondered why your dog chews everything ... including things they aren’t supposed to? For dogs, chewing relieves anxiety, aids in managing stress, and provides a source of mental and physical stimulation. Some dogs have a stronger need to chew than others and will do what it takes to satisfy that need, including gnawing on your favorite pair of shoes. Puppies have a tendency to chew…Read More

  5. Do You Really Need A Dog Trainer?

    Training a dog is essential to a quality life and happy bond between owner and pet. Attempting to train your own pet is an option, sure, but it can be a lengthy, arduous feat. There is a necessary commitment of time, patience, and consistency that most pet owners struggle to balance. Even if you have read every dog-training manual, magazine article and web site, it isn’t that easy. Dogs’ abili…Read More

  6. Dog Meets Baby  

    Expecting a child is an exciting time! There are so many things to think about in preparation for a new addition to your family. Amongst the joy of setting up the nursery, stocking up on diapers, and picking out the perfect name … don’t forget about your dog! There are some things you’ll want to do to brace your furry friend for the arrival of your new baby. General obedience training is cru…Read More

  7. Hiking With Your Dog

    Hiking with your dog can be more than just good exercise for your dog. It can be a great bonding experience. Here are a few tips from Sarasota Dog Wizard on how to have a pet-friendly adventure in the woods: Obey the rules Many National parks don’t allow dogs at all. Others require your dog be leashed at all times. Some allow you to have your dog off leash as long as they are under voice control…Read More

  8. The Place Command. Your best friend for any occasion.

    If you have had your dog trained with Sarasota Dog Wizard then your four-legged baby already knows the Place command well. Place is probably your most powerful command and can give you piece of mind in almost any location from around the house, at the park or simply walking through your neighborhood. Place can be defined by anything that is easily observed as having defined boundaries from a dog…Read More