1. Halloween Safety For Pups

    Halloween may be a treat-filled night for us but for many dogs the spooky far outweighs the fun. From eerie sights and sounds of lawn decorations and haunted houses to kids in costumes knocking on your door, it’s easy to over-stimulate even the most well-balanced and trained dogs. Sarasota Dog Wizard has a few tips to help ensure your dog has a stress-free holiday. Keep dogs inside. Though Hallo…Read More

  2. How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping

    A common problem we hear at Sarasota Dog Wizard is owners that are fed up with their dog jumping up on people. It can make their houseguests feel uncomfortable or even frightened. The owner does not understand why the dog continues to jump on people, even when they’re told “down” or “stop” ­ – time and time again. Think of it like this: The most exciting part of a dog’s day is when …Read More

  3. The Hidden Dangers of Retractable Leashes

    Walk into any pet store and there are an almost overwhelming number of leash options for your dog. There are standard leashes, slip collar leashes, Martingale leashes and more. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the different materials, colors and prices! Though most have their pluses and minuses, at Sarasota Dog Wizard we strongly recommend that you avoid retractable leashes. Here are the top…Read More

  4. Canine Quirks

    The other night Ellie, one of our personal dogs, was acting strange. Given her OCD Border Collie quirks, we typically take her behavior with a grain of salt but obsessively licking the floor was a little peculiar even for her. We keep a pretty clean house here at Sarasota Dog Wizard so we knew there wasn’t anything tasty she was trying to “clean up” for us. We tried to redirect her. We gave …Read More

  5. Inter-Home Aggression: A Medical Mystery?

    It’s not just frustrating but often times scary when multiple dogs in a household, whether they grew up together or joined the family at different times, seem to turn on each other. Sometimes there’s a trigger event such as a fight over a favorite toy or treat but often times there’s no obvious reason … at least not to humans. At Sarasota Dog Wizard we work with dogs with all types and lev…Read More

  6. So, You Are Dealing With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

    One of the most common issues owners deal with is separation anxiety when they leave home or even the room. Sarasota dog training defines separation anxiety as behavior that manifests through excessive salivation, barking, whining, destroying items in the home, scratching walls, doors and floors. There are two types of separation anxiety, the first is true separation anxiety and the second is simu…Read More

  7. Housebreaking Your Dog

    Try This Easy Trick To Housebreak Your Dog Housebreaking a stubborn dog can be a challenge.  It is beneficial to begin training while a dog is still a puppy; however, contrary to popular belief, there is hope for owners who are dealing with a more mature dog that just can’t seem to get it right. The professional dog trainers of the Sarasota Dog Wizard meet frustrated dog owners everyday that ar…Read More