1. The Cost of Not Training Your Puppy

    If you recently got, or are planning to get, a new puppy you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the things you need. A new leash, collar, bed, toys, treats, vet visits ... the list goes on. Having a puppy can be a large financial investment and it's no wonder so many new puppy owners think putting training on hold is an option. But fact is, NOT training your new puppy can cost you a lot more -…Read More

  2. The Importance of Object Socialization

    Behavioral issues in dogs can range from quirky things, like a pup that incessantly barks at the hair dryer – to more serious behavioral concerns, such as a dog that reacts aggressively when their owner picks up a broom. While the specific cases can seem very different, they are actually surprisingly similar: they are the result of poor object socialization during puppyhood. Our clients reach ou…Read More

  3. The Importance of Socializing Your Dog

    Does your dog bark at people or other dogs when you’re taking a walk? Does your dog get skittish when new friends come into your home? Does your dog show signs of aggression or fear around other animals? These can all be signs of poor socialization and training. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, it is important that they are properly socialized. Dogs that have not been socialized are mor…Read More

  4. Why Not to Get Someone a Puppy for Christmas

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! We’re busy crossing items off of our shopping lists as we anxiously await Christmas morning with our family and friends. One thing we definitely won’t be getting for our loved ones this year is a puppy. While that may shock you at first, hear us out! As cute as it might be to surprise someone you love with a furry friend for Christmas, it’s important to rememb…Read More

  5. The Importance of Puppy Training

    A good parent would not wait until later in life to begin teaching their child right from wrong. There would obviously be negative effects on the child’s behavior and development that could be difficult to correct later in life. Sarasota Dog Wizard urges that the same holds true for dogs. Puppy training is critical for a happy, healthy pet and successful lifelong partnership between human and do…Read More

  6. Quirky Canine Demands Sarasota Dog Wizard

    As dog trainers, we here at Sarasota Dog Wizard hear a variety of um ... "interesting" reasons pet owners are seeking our professional dog training advice: “My dog only eats her food when I feed her the first three kibbles by hand.” “Our dog doesn’t like loud noises. We had to move because of all the construction in our old neighborhood.” “He refuses to go to the bathroom outside if …Read More