1. Levels Above Others

    Having had other trainers, I can say these guys go up levels above others. They believe in and are good at the methods they teach us and our dogs. Grayson’s trainer is always there when I call. It is nice to know that these guys aren’t going away. And Saturday’s group day adds a little topping to the cake.

    Joe Crimaldi
  2. I can’t say enough great things

    I can’t say enough great things about Steve and Jack and the guys from Sarasota Dog Wizard. Our four-month-old puppy just came home from a weeklong puppy board and train. Everyday we got at least two videos and the trainer was available if we had any questions. On her return we were amazed! We have a very high-energy home and learning how to develop a well rounded balanced dog was so important to us. When considering them, know that this investment is for life. Six months down the road if you need a refresher they are truly there for you!

    Amanda Newland
  3. Passion, dedication, motivation

    Passion, dedication, motivation are just a few of the words to describe this team of trainers. Don, Nick, and Jack are truly amazing. This is no gimmick! This is true hard work to earn the trust, and loyalty of some of the hardest dogs out there. This program, and group of trainers is OUTSTANDING. I’m a proud pet mommy, and thankful to them.

    Jennifer Dewey-Wemmell